Sydney Shoemaker

Sydney Shoemaker1931, Idaho
  • Philosopher
"Sydney Shoemaker is a Susan Linn Sage Professor of Philosophy. Before joining the Sage School faculty in 1961, Professor Shoemaker taught at Ohio State and held the Santayana Fellowship at Harvard; he has also been on the faculty at Rockefeller University. He has written on various topics in metaphysics and the philosophy of mind. His recent interests include causality, functionalist theories of mind, problems about the self and self-knowledge, the nature of sensation and sense experience, and the nature of properties. He is also interested in Wittgenstein and in the British empiricists. In 1972 he delivered the John Locke Lectures at Oxford on the topic "Mind and Behavior," and in 1993 he delivered the Royce Lectures at Brown University on the topic of "Self-Knowledge and `Inner Sense.'"
"Shoemaker's work has been mainly in philosophy of mind and metaphysics. Topics of special interest include personal identity, the nature of properties and their relation to causality, functionalist accounts of mind, the nature of the "phenomenal character" of sensations and perceptual experience, the nature of colors and their relation to color experience, and the nature of self-knowledge and self-reference."